Getting started with Prodfiler

Getting started with Prodfiler is easy: you create an account and a project, receive instructions with which you can launch the agent, and 30 minutes after the agent is deployed, you should have information you can inspect.

Signing up for an account

Visit the (Prodfiler URL) and click on the “Join free” button on the top right:

login page

Next, create a new account by entering the email address associated with the account and a desired password:

sign up page

You can then return to the login page and log in with your email/password combination.

Creating a new project

Profiling data from a group of machines is organized into a project. To get started, simply enter the name of a project in this screen:

firstproject page

Installing the profiling agent

Once the project is created, it is in pending state - which means that it has not received any data to analyze or inspect yet. You will be greeted by the below screen, which includes a command line that you can copy and paste to deploy the agent on individual machines, and links to this documentation so you can deploy on Kubernetes, ECS, or Nomad.

project created page

The command line that is shown looks as follows:

docker login -u optimyzeprodfilerbeta -p [XXXX];
docker run --name prodfiler --privileged --pid=host -v /etc/machine-id:/etc/machine-id:ro \
   -v /sys/kernel/debug:/sys/kernel/debug:ro -v /dev/null:/etc/prodfiler/prodfiler.conf \
   -e \
   optimyze/pf-host-agent:v2.5.4 /root/pf-host-agent -t all

Let’s unpack this: The first line logs you into the dockerhub repository that contains the container optimyze/pf-host-agent:v2.5.4, and the second line starts this container with your project ID and a secret token (that you need to keep secret to ensure that others cannot pollute your project with data) configured as environment variables. The container needs to be privileged because Prodfiler interacts with kernel features that are typically only available to the root user; the volume mounts expose debugging information to the Prodfiler agent.

Manual installation on a single host

If you wish to deploy the profiling agent to a single host, you can simply copy & paste the above command line and run it (with the appropriate privileges) on a machine (or a set of machines) you wish to profile.

Deploying to a Kubernetes cluster

Please refer to the instructions here.

Deploying to a fleet of ECS nodes

Please refer to the instructions here.

Deploying via Nomad

Please refer to the instructions here.

Next steps

After about 30 minutes, you should have a bit of data to inspect.